Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello, and welcome to Libratopia!

Libratopia is a new book review blog, run by two literature-loving nerds who have admitted they have a problem but aren't willing to make any changes yet.

Libratopia's Manifesto:

We, the readers of the printed word, hereby solemnly swear that we shall not take ourselves too seriously. We shall avoid words such as ‘taut’ (lest we are discussing rope), ‘rollicking’ (lest we are discussing puppies), and ‘compelling’ (lest we are at gunpoint).

We shall critique and review (hereafter shortened to ‘criview’) the books in our domain following a certain and unbending criteria, composed of the novel’s:

  • Jacket-Promise Fulfillment
  • Voice
  • Character (both Main and Supporting)
  • World
  • Plot
  • Last Page Satisfaction. 

We shall not take into consideration anything to be found beyond the novel’s pages, cover, and, if applicable, the jacket. This throws into exclusion the author, the author’s life story, the publisher, the person who suggested the novel to us, and who might be directing or starring in The Movie.

Bribes, however, are welcome, if they are tucked into the book’s pages.

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