The Criviewers

Who are the Criviewers?

In the beginning (see also: now) there were two nerds who very much loved to read. Their love for literature was rivaled only by their love to hear themselves talk, and so a book reviewing blog was born.

One of these nerds is known as Captain Noir. The good Captain spends her time studying to become an English teacher, working to finish her first novel, directing an old-time-radio-style podcast with an iron fist, working in a bakery, reading young adult novels, writing book reviews, and coming up with new explanations for why she doesn’t have her rent money yet. Captain Noir lives with her sister, brother-in-law, and the couple’s two kidlets.

The Captain’s favorite genre could most easily be described as ‘adventure,’ but she believes that at the heart of every great story is a mystery. The mystery could be as complex as ‘Who threw the lady in the lake, and why?’ or as simple as ‘Why won’t Johnny ask Tracy to the prom?’ although the former is probably more interesting.

Captain Noir can be found on Twitter under the name SkeletonsKeys, and at her personal blog, By Any Other Name.